Short Sale in Three Months!

I STRONGLY recommend Elena Corbett for any residential real estate project. She assisted me as my real estate agent through a most complex situation. I first hired Elena in the autumn of 2009 to find a renter for my property in Marietta, GA. My situation required my international travel to see clients for about 90% of my time. I wanted to hang on to the house, but defray the cost of living there. Elena was most diligent to promote the house during a renters market, where competition was fierce. Due to a change in the situation with my lender, she and I decided that it was best to abandon the rental idea and go for the short-sale. Elena quickly shifted gears from rent to sell, and within only ONE week of listing, she had two buyers that materialized into offers, and we accepted the better offer. Elena proved to be resilient where most agents would have given up. She proved to be dedicated and trustworthy considering I was managing a sale of a home from half a world away in E. Europe. However, Elena’s greatest trait may have shown up in the end when we had to deal with the lender and the investor. The lender was not clear or forthcoming on its requirements, often impossible to reach, bureaucratic and slow. Elena took the initiative to operate outside of the box by going straight to the upper levels of Fannie Mae to get the approval for the short-sale done. If she would not have acted, then the process could have taken 6 months to a year! I would have missed out on countless buyers, incurred more expense maintaining the house, and been even more frustrated. Thinking out of the box is what was required to deal with the complexity of the post-housing crisis, and Elena proved to be a champion. We had the whole process done and the house sold in just three months! I strongly recommend you work with Elena Corbett. If she can handle such difficult situation, then she can certainly handle other transactions well. No matter how hard it gets, it is important the agent stays with you and doesn’t let up on their service. Elena is a model agent. Her top qualities are: Great Results, High Integrity, Creativity.

— Jeffrey Kamins